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whats your storyRosebank Union Church is currently running a ‘What’s Your Story” campaign as part of the nationwide initiative by Heartlines. This campaign seeks to connect people through storytelling, particularly between people of different racial, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. The idea is to break down barriers, open minds to accepting people from different backgrounds and promoting communication — the basis of healthy human coexistence.

RUC’s Write On! group has a blog offering people inside and outside the church the opportunity to post stories, opinions and essays. Now, as part of the “What’s Your Story?” campaign, we invite you to share your own–or another’s–story through the medium of the Write On! blog.


The editors will post what we consider to be the most relevant and interesting contributions.  We may have to shorten or edit contributions as required.

Story Guidelines: 

Please keep your story between 400 and 800 words long. If the story is about yourself, consider using one of the following questions as a guideline:

  • How did you get your name/is there a story behind your name/what does your name mean to you?
  • Talk about some of the people who shaped your life and made you the person you are today.
  • Tell us a about a particular event or situation in your life that changed everything for you.
  • What makes you feel positive about your future in South Africa?

You may select another approach to telling your story, but be sure to make it interesting and, if possible, relevant to the theme/ideals/objectives of “What’s Your Story?” You may tell someone else’s story but ensure you have their permission for the story to be published on-line. You (or the other person) may request anonymity, or just the use of a first name. Indicate your preference, also if you are happy for us to use your full name.   Please e-mail your story to Joan ( within the next two weeks.

A photo is not essential, but adds visual appeal to the blog, so consider attaching one.

For further information, consult the following:

Finally, keep an eye on the blog and read / engage with other people’s stories. We’ll be sending you a weekly newsletter with links to the stories. You’ll also find links on the RUC Facebook page – a great place to comment and encourage the blog writer. Let’s do what we love to – read and write some stories!

The Write On! Editors

Ian Laxton & Joan Campbell


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