Workshop Attendees (Val is front row, 3rd from right)

Workshop Attendees (Val is front row, 3rd from right)

It was the name that caught my eye! I knew I was meant to attend the writer’s weekend retreat at the Good Shepherd Retreat overlooking Hartebeesportdam.  My memoirs “Bands of Gold” was started about 15 years ago but after two chapters and a prologue everything seemed to come to a halt and no more chapters could be written no matter how hard I tried. The anointing had lifted.  I learnt during the writer’s workshop that due to having professional assistance the style wasn’t “me”! It wasn’t MY voice!  I was wearing someone else’s second hand clothes. Since then I have been motivated to start my story all over again.  I am very grateful to Joan and Mandy for holding the workshop. At last the blockage has been lifted. One day when I am famous (ha, ha) they will get the credit for their obedience to the calling on their lives.


The other reason for Bands of Gold being held up was my passion to see children having a relationship with a Living God at an early age. My granddaughter when she was five years old, one night, invited Jesus into her heart and He appeared to her. She drew a picture of what she had seen that night, Jesus in a long robe with a belt around His waist as depicted in Revelation 1 and so began a book for young children called ‘Feed My Lambs’. The book contains true stories of Angela’s answers to prayer which children can relate to.  In the world today there are many lost “lambs of God”. Children, have a readiness to accept Christ, reaching out for spiritual knowledge and all we have to do is present Jesus to them and Jesus will do the rest. When children invite Jesus to be their Special Friend He is given their personal permission to be covered with His Love, Protection and Guidance all their lives. He has promised never to leave them nor forsake them. To save an adult is to save a soul – but to save a child is to save a soul and a life. When invited, Angela’s story is told to the children, with the aid of big pictures, in Sunday Schools or holiday programmes. Children are then invited to pray to Jesus Himself asking Him to be their Special Friend. They each go home with a book. It is a wonderful outreach tool.feed my lambs sml

I have been with Rosebank Union Church for about two to three years but, before I was even a member, Feed My Lambs was readily accepted and everyone was so helpful getting it off the ground. Everyone made me feel at home and that I belonged.

The weekend retreat was a lovely break, a weekend to remember. I came home feeling refreshed, encouraged and motivated and looking forward to the next one.  I would encourage more ‘would be’ writers to join us. You won’t regret it.

Thank you Joan and Mandy for giving us an opportunity to write A Story for His Glory.

Bless you and the work of your hands.

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